Thursday, February 24, 2011

Purple Haze

Purple & Black Winter Wedding! Thank you Sweetest Days Photography
There is no denying it, last wedding season and the upcoming wedding season PURPLE is everywhere!  Be it an eggplant, plum, or violet, it is still purple. The Pantone color guide is filled with interesting names for the color.  (Purple & Black were big this past winter. Sweetest Days Photography sent us one from their  wedding and check out our purple and black candy buffet we created at Lake of Isles.)

While there are certain colors that are limited in style use, and purple isn't one of them. It can work with every season, darker shades during the winter months, and cooler & brighter shades during the spring & summer months.  I'm sure it will run it's course like the pinks of the past but the great thing is that sooner or later it will return to the IT color status.  Anyone who has been in the wedding business for years sees this happen! 

A Little Imagination Cakes (located in Middletown CT)  has been creating cakes with purple, not just for weddings.  It works for all types of events, birthdays and showers included. The color works in a naturalistic aspect like the flower blossoms, and a whimsical aspect for the sweet 16 cake.

The important thing to remember is that while you may love this color, make sure it works within the space of your event. If happen to know your color pallet before hand, ask the venue how your color will work within the space. Another tip, bring along a purple linen or chair sash to check out in the space because you want to make sure it isn't fighting to be seen in the room. 
Sweetest Days Photography
On a side note, while many of your love the bow on the back of a chair cover, the simple knot will last the entire night.  

I end this blog with an engagement photo showing off a bit of purple.  
Juna Rae Photography

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue, Black & White

As Estonian's throughout the world get ready to celebrate their independence day tomorrow, I took part in celebrating this past weekend. Not only did I get to decorate but I had my boys take part in the celebration.  I wanted to create a look that hadn't been done before. Since Estonia has switched over to the European Euro I decided to pay tribute to the passing of Estonian's Kroon.  I found it interesting how many specialty coins they have  had over the past few years and thought it was a perfect way to celebrate the event.  Each centerpiece was a different set of coins with candles in the middle.  A simple and classic look.  
This is my favorite coin, and I even own one.  It was
created as a celebration of our flag.
It was heartwarming to see my boys take part in the celebration.  Something special about seeing your 4 year old sing  Estonian songs that I use to sing.  Estonian was my first language and I learned English around 5.  My boys have grown up with both languages being spoken in our home and they do so well with it.  While my poor husband doesn't always understand us, he understands the gift we have given our children.  Now granted there isn't a HUGE need for Estonian but I will say it does come in handy when you are out and about with them. :)  It is a wonderful thing to be able to share not only a language but a heritage with them. 

On a side note, someone on facebook has created an event for tomorrow known as "Hug an Estonian Day"  and as of now over 20,000 people will be doing this tomorrow.  So if you happen to be "lucky" enough to see one us Estonian's tomorrow, feel free to hug them.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot

After the first snow fall, I thought how much fun it would be to go out and play in it. What was wonderful was how many of you out there wanted to. Of course after that first snow storm, we had a little bit more snow, then more and well you know how this story goes. 

 SNOW was in control but it turns out that 3 or so feet of snow couldn't stop us from playing. Donna from Caster Creations said she was up the challenge, the fun and she came prepared with snow boots.

Make Up by Adriana Bomova Pacuku
from the Beauty Bar
Jessica Watcke from Bliss Bridal wanted to come out and play with a few of the  amazing dresses from her shop.  She understood what she would be doing and never complained once.  She was able to sit down into the snow (behind the scenes we made sure the dresses were never ruined.)  Jessica was a blast because she was always more concerned with the dress than her own comfort.   At times it was challenging getting around but I think we were able to really go with it.  I just needed to share a few more.  The shoot was great but the best part is what we are planning next....stay tuned

Friday, February 11, 2011


Date was changed
due to snow
I had a great time meeting so many event & wedding professionals at Wedwork last night.  It was about time we all stepped away from the computer screens to socially network without facebook for once.   Plus on event day, I don't really get a chance to sit down and chat as much as I would like too.  Our event was suppose to take place a week ago but due to this crazy snow and ice we had been having, we decided to postpone for safety and parking spaces. 

Thank you to all of the students from event club that came out too.  These students are learning all the pros, cons and truth about the event fields, from catering, cake design, planning and more. I'm looking forward to being a guest speaker at one of their gatherings.  (I just need to figure out how to get past my dislike for public speaking).  Plus it was nice to swap ideas, share tips, stories and come up with future endeavors with certain vendors.  Stay Tuned to SEE! 

Chocolate Rose Treat
Thank you to my co host Julie from the UConn Alumni Center, her support, helpfulness and ideas make for great events.  Thank you to Taylor Rental of Manchester for donating the linens and china used.  We know that they had a rough week due to snow damage at their West Hartford location and are thankful for their continued support.  Taking care of Tummies, took care of the food and the bar.  Thank you for the yummy cheese fondue, curry deviled eggs and more.  The Alumni Center walls glowed thanks to PartyPro DJ company. Thanks to the Two Pour Guys provided us with a prize basket for the business card raffle, Chocolate Rose & Diane's Sweet Treats for yummy cake goodies. 

I also enjoyed the chance to use my cute Christmas gift flower bud vases along with very cool water marbles.  These aren't your typical marbles and help spread the water around in the vase.  Julie and I are working on a professionals weekend, with speakers, mix and mingles, and more, along with another wedwork in a few months.  Thanks again to the professionals, the brides (who dared to be out numbered by the wedding professionals), and to all the helpful hands. 
I'm glad that most of you didn't have to see me chase water
marbles that slipped out my hand during set up. They are squishy
and difficult to catch at times.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ringing in the new

Hanlon Photography
I've been on a ring kick, if you didn't happen to notice on our fan page (yes I still refuse to say my "like" page).  Rings have always been a fascination for me, since I was a child.  My mother use to be one of the few people I know that didn't wear her engagement ring and wedding band together. I think I've only had maybe 3 brides who have worn them on separate hands.  What I find amazing is that in all my years of planning, with the exception of maybe a simple gold band, I have yet to see the same ring twice.  Each one has a story, be it a piece of family history, one created for the bride that breaks everything, wedding rings flown in from Ireland and the stories go on.

The circular ring symbolizes eternity and this was passed onto us all from many ancient cultures.  For some there is a belief that rings inner space is the door way to what lies ahead for the couple. With no beginning or end, it had a spiritualistic outlook for the couple. 

Val McCormick Photography
Rings these days are made from numerous different types of metals, another reason why I don't think I often see the same type of rings over and over.  We all have a type, style and color we are drawn too.  When it comes to the detailed shots that many photographers take, I often wonder what inspires them.   I asked Val McCormick of Val McCormick Photography what inspires her shots.  "I love showcasing the personalities of my couples through the images I create for them. Getting married is one of life's grandest emotional times. It should be documented down to every little detail. If the couple has something sentimental such as their grandfather's old camera on display, a piano the grew up playing, or a love for the art displays at their venue I find a to tie it in. I love to envision fifty years down the road the couples' great grandchild enjoying their album and not just seeing images but rather seeing the couple for who they were, what they loved and how much they loved or love each other."

I even made a few new fans who were willing to share their puppy balancing a ring on the nose.  It is one of those photographs that you can't help but love.  
MW Photography
Flint Prints Photography
As you might be able to tell, we gave our blog a whole new look.  Thank you to Flint Prints Photography for providing us with the awesome ring shot.  We are also showcasing it on our newly redone website.  It was a difficult choice to pick just pick one.  I fell in love with MW Photography's ring on the tree shot the second I opened it. I was also inspired by her new look, a new life, and new beginning to ring in something new for me.  I can't thank them enough for letting my site use their photographs. I hope you enjoy the new look of the blog and the website.  Plus stay tuned for all the exciting things we will be ringing in shortly.