Monday, August 13, 2012

Package Deal

We plan weddings and events throughout the year and as we are starting this journey with many of our 2013 couples, there is one question that keeps coming up, how do we feel about companies that offer multiple services.  Usually these tend to be DJ, Video and Photography all in one and there is of course an appeal to this, it is one stop shopping BUT you need to know what you are buying.

It is important to know the vendor you are working with and make sure they work with your  style, and vision of your wedding.  If you are looking for a DJ that is fun and out going or one that is reserved and not over the top, you should meet me.  You should meet your videographer since they will be following you around all day and the same goes for your photographer.  If the deal is amazing, and you are able to meet with all of your vendors that day, and they work for you, then go for it.  If you are meeting with just a salesperson who will assign you DJ, Video and Photographer, then you need to ask yourself if you are getting a deal that is worth it.  All three of these vendors play important roles in your big day and you should feel like you know the person you have hired.  

Also never feel like you have to take the whole package deal.  You may not need everything they are offering and that is okay. I've seen companies that offer these types of deals but you meet your vendors and have contact with them directly.  It will give you peace of mind to know that your vendors have the skills you want and a personality you want to work with.