Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!  In the new year we will be catching up on blogging for sure.  We have loved 2010 but we are ready for 2011!!  The new year means new trends, new looks, and new couples who we get to assist on making their dreams come true. Plus with this new year comes an extra bridal show in the spring, an eat, drink and get married night, wedwork, photoshoots and more!    

I bet you may be wondering what we will be offering for our January special.  Here is it, if you book your wedding day coordinating by the 12th,  it will only be $500* for your event. (*contact us for details, this offer is only good for weddings up to 125 guests,  no holiday weekends, must be a CT wedding. Contact us for full details.)  Plus we will be taking $200 off any other packages booked by the end of the month.   Happy 2011~~~~~