Saturday, October 20, 2012

Going the Distance

The things you have to think about while planning a wedding can seem endless.  An important thing to consider is the distance between your ceremony venue and your reception venue.  The distance will be a factor in your timeline of the days events. 
It isn't always perfect but if you have a childhood church that you are looking to use for your big day, check out the venues within an half an hour of the location.  You may not find something you love, or you may be surprised with what you find.  Timing can always be an issue though.  Some church have set times for weddings and you will have to work with this. It is a good idea if you have a church you must be married in, that you set up a meeting. Check out their availability,and take this information with you to your venue walk thrus. Having a clear sense of dates and time will make your life easier.  It is a good idea to be a bit flexible on your date, if you can be, while it might not make a difference on your price for booking a church, it may for you venue.
If you are in love with a venue but it isn't close to any churches you know, then it is a good idea to ask the venue for a little assistance.  They would be a helpful resource of local churches that allow services for non church members. While it may not be what you first had in mind, always check out the venues ceremony locations if they have on.  You may fall in love with it.  If it doesn't have the spiritual feeling you were looking for, consider renting church pews from companies like General Eclectic  .
General Eclectic Church Pew Rentals
We personally find something intriguing about having pews set up outside in a garden, on the beach or even in a hotel ballroom.  

It does tend to be easier for your guests when your ceremony and reception are all in the same location, or very close by. Being close together also has its perks for you. Your time and your vendors time that you have paid for won't be spent traveling.  You may find yourself with more time for formal photographs, and even a little extra time to freshen up, and catch your breath before you start partying. 

You will have a lot to do on your wedding day and at least consider how much of your time you would like to spend celebrating instead of traveling between celebrating.