Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot

After the first snow fall, I thought how much fun it would be to go out and play in it. What was wonderful was how many of you out there wanted to. Of course after that first snow storm, we had a little bit more snow, then more and well you know how this story goes. 

 SNOW was in control but it turns out that 3 or so feet of snow couldn't stop us from playing. Donna from Caster Creations said she was up the challenge, the fun and she came prepared with snow boots.

Make Up by Adriana Bomova Pacuku
from the Beauty Bar
Jessica Watcke from Bliss Bridal wanted to come out and play with a few of the  amazing dresses from her shop.  She understood what she would be doing and never complained once.  She was able to sit down into the snow (behind the scenes we made sure the dresses were never ruined.)  Jessica was a blast because she was always more concerned with the dress than her own comfort.   At times it was challenging getting around but I think we were able to really go with it.  I just needed to share a few more.  The shoot was great but the best part is what we are planning next....stay tuned

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