Thursday, February 24, 2011

Purple Haze

Purple & Black Winter Wedding! Thank you Sweetest Days Photography
There is no denying it, last wedding season and the upcoming wedding season PURPLE is everywhere!  Be it an eggplant, plum, or violet, it is still purple. The Pantone color guide is filled with interesting names for the color.  (Purple & Black were big this past winter. Sweetest Days Photography sent us one from their  wedding and check out our purple and black candy buffet we created at Lake of Isles.)

While there are certain colors that are limited in style use, and purple isn't one of them. It can work with every season, darker shades during the winter months, and cooler & brighter shades during the spring & summer months.  I'm sure it will run it's course like the pinks of the past but the great thing is that sooner or later it will return to the IT color status.  Anyone who has been in the wedding business for years sees this happen! 

A Little Imagination Cakes (located in Middletown CT)  has been creating cakes with purple, not just for weddings.  It works for all types of events, birthdays and showers included. The color works in a naturalistic aspect like the flower blossoms, and a whimsical aspect for the sweet 16 cake.

The important thing to remember is that while you may love this color, make sure it works within the space of your event. If happen to know your color pallet before hand, ask the venue how your color will work within the space. Another tip, bring along a purple linen or chair sash to check out in the space because you want to make sure it isn't fighting to be seen in the room. 
Sweetest Days Photography
On a side note, while many of your love the bow on the back of a chair cover, the simple knot will last the entire night.  

I end this blog with an engagement photo showing off a bit of purple.  
Juna Rae Photography

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