Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 years

The big 5...for me this was a huge deal.  5 years ago I found myself thinking why not plan my own bridal show. I had plenty of reasons why not to plan one but none of them seemed like a good enough reason.  I reached out to a few great local wedding professionals who had become friends with and pitched the idea.  No one laughed, (well except my mother but she said it was a supportive laugh:) the idea was born and forward I went. 

From the tented affair of about 65 or so to hosting over 200 guests this weekend, I really can't complain.  It seemed a bit unreal to be honest.  I love this different part of my business, and I love the vendors I get to meet.  We always have a mix of vendors who have been with us before and others who are trying us out for the first.

 The point is never to be the huge expo style event, since I've taken many of clients to these style events and really did my best to listen to what they liked and hated.  From there I took these ideas and created them into my show.  It doesn't work for everyone of course, but for the ones it does, it works well.  

There were a few delivery issues and a few missing vendors due to lack of power and damaged trucks but overall an outstanding turnout.  I thank everyone for their support, for coming out and the amazing vendors I get to call friends. 

From a simple idea, this part of the company has really grown.  We have wedworks, which are just networking nights for the vendors, a spring show, and now working on a Winter show at the Mark Twain House for 2012.  I hope to continue.   

No power, no problem.

It will be awhile before anyone in Connecticut forgets the snow storm we had the last weekend of October.  While I'm a snow lover, just love it, I have to admit it was unexpected how much damage this storm caused.  I think most of the state now has power 10 or so days later but not everyone.

I spent the storm snuggled in by the fire, thinking whew no wedding. I didn't think it would cause an issue for my couple the next weekend.  I was WRONG.  The venue was without power, then again most of the town was without power.  While this was greatly upsetting on Monday, and even Tuesday, we thought there was no way it would continue to be an issue.  Of course it was, CL &P was expecting to have power to the town of Glastonbury until the Monday after the wedding.  The hotel didn't even have power but thankfully by Wednesday they did.

We spent a few hours looking for different locations, seeing what we could do. Could we move it, could a place be found that could handle the food requests and could it be done.  Now I'll admit my bride might have been a TINY bit upset but she handle herself like pro. Upset yes, but she kept moving forward. She kept looking while we were looking and never giving up. Okay so her hair trial couldn't be held the day she wanted due to lack of power, she still found a way to make it happen.  It really was one thing after another but at the end the hotel were the guests were staying, did their best to help us out.  They gave us a ballroom, we informed all the guests and well they got married of course.  Thankfully their church was PERFECT, and had no issues. While it might not have been the wedding Maryann & Keith had been planning with us for so long, it was a wedding to remember.  They were surrounded by friends, family and so much love.  We wish Maryann & Keith only happiness and joy for the rest of their lives together. 

Been awhile

I often find myself thinking, I should blog about this. Or I should really catch up, or blog or sleep, so sleep had been winning the battle.  We have been in FULL on wedding season rush.  Every time I thought to blog about a wedding, I started to thinking this was one we were submitting to a magazine or a website.  Or this is great but I'll wait for the photos. 

Now I start to sort through all the topics we wanted to discuss, all the weddings and I'm looking at what I can start to share with you all. So many things, and I have to say I'm excited to start doing this part again.  The next blog will be a wedding that will never be forgotten