Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Wedding Wish

I like Boston, I really do but, what I like the best is that I can park outside of Boston and take the T in.  Not yesterday though, with over 50 lbs of candy, the jars, and candles there was no way I was going take the T.  I was forced to old school it since the easypass was in the other car but with my trusty GPS I headed out.  I think it only recalculated a total of 6 times but in my defense it was a confusing spot.  

ANYWAYS, I was there for the Wish Upon a Wedding Boston & New England Launch. This is something I've wanted to take part in for a long time.  As you may know, I have a set of vendors ready to grant a wish (& a few to spare), and I'm looking forward to making sure this is something that happens a lot here in CT and New England.  The issue was getting the word out to the right people when I started this and the Wish Upon a Wedding Organization is the right way to go about it.  

As a wish granter, we will be doing something we already do as wedding professionals.  We will be donating our skills for deserving couples to take a break for the illness and just enjoy life, and love.  I think it takes the right kind of wedding professional to do this, because it isn't about the money, or the time, or a pat on the back.  It is about a couple that deserves to have their moment with their family and friends.  This is a personal goal I'm going to be setting for myself and ESTOccasions, to AT LEAST do 2 Wish Upon a Wedding Weddings a year.  

Our cute and stylish blow pops
photographed by Jen Osojnicki.
To start off, myself along with David Long from DL Video Productions (who created last nights video, I will share as soon as I get the link) are hosting an event Engaged~Hartford at the Bushnell on August 11th.  It is open to anyone who is engaged and wants to have have a modern, trendy and chic approach to their wedding. There will be a few different speakers, food, drinks and more all for $5 a person.  The best part is that we are donating all ticket proceeds to the Wish Upon a Wedding Organization.  This way, start planning your dream wedding while helping someone else have their dream wedding.  

The ticket link will be up shortly and the best part, I'm using a paypal service which allows you to DONATE or GIFT your ticket price, which means no fees!  Hope to see you at Engaged~Hartford and if you need help on becoming a wish granter let me know. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Pic Pick

We LOVE doing the love & hates weekdays on our facebook page.  They have been a huge hit with all of you and thank you for all of the comments, the thoughts, the love and the hates.  Now every few days we are going to post a PIC PICK.  You need to tell us which one would you pick. Comment here on the blog or on facebook.  Your choice. 

Which would you pick to have your girls wear?  Or which would you like to wear?



Share your comments here or on FACEBOOK.  Thank you everyone.  Plus if you are having a hard time picking between two things, send it to us and we will post it for you, and you can take a peek at what people think.  THANK YOU

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vendor Wars

I often feel that couples pick vendors that speak to them and they never consider the fact that all these different types of vendors working together could be an issue.  There should never be an issue between vendors because they were all paid to do their job at the wedding and as long as they remain professional, the couple should be pleased. 

Though I've been noticing a ton of frustration from my social networking vendor friends about vendors working against each other instead of working together.  Seems like a lot of wasted energy that could be put towards making the couple's event successful. Being that we are in full wedding season, it has been back to back wedding, I've had the chance to see the good and the bad.  Great example of consideration was Kurt from Fun Factory DJ, saying he was going to play one more slow song to allow the photographer who had been banished to totally different room to eat his dinner, time to get back to photograph the father daughter dance. He could have continued with what was planned and never given it a second thought but he knew that the couple would miss out. The best part was that while I was fetching the photographer, no one knew that the DJ had planned one extra song. 

Now onto the bad, I had been given instructions by the family to make sure the vendors were able to eat throughout the event.  During a break in the line at the buffet station, the photographer quickly and quietly went through the line before the next table showed up.  Next before a new table went up, I sent the videographers through, (knowing they had been working with this family for close to 2 days of 10 plus hours, and needed to be fed). They went and sat on a rock outside the tent and ate quickly to ensure they could be back to work. Vendors quickly moved in and out never bothering a single guest.  Now our poor bartender who was hired by the family, and I WAS TOLD to make sure she eats before her shift ends is in line with guests all around her, and the catering manager YELLS at her that vendors shouldn't be in line with the guests. Talk about an awkward moment not just for the bartender but for the guests. 

As a planner, I attempt for vendors to get along, to remind them of the bigger picture.  Videographers and Photographers should work out a plan of attack when it comes to the wedding.  I loved hearing David from DL Video Productions once state that he tells photographers that take the first 30 seconds or minute of the first dance and then leave me the rest of the song to film them without flashes going off.  This way both vendors have shown off their talent, be professional and the couple WINS.

When you meet with your vendors (or have your planner do this) let them know you expect them to work together for the success of your wedding day!!