Friday, July 23, 2010

Better than a town hall wedding

Last year,  in the summer, a very sweet lady gave me a call.  She and her girlfriend were coming to visit her daughter here in Connecticut.  Upon arriving, they decided it was the right time to get married, but they hadn't planned anything and they weren't sure they had enough time to pull something together.  They were going to get married at the town hall,  even though they would have loved to be married in her daughter's backyard.  So of course I wanted them to have what they were dreaming of.  I directed them towards some of our JP's that were available, they picked the one that was right for them, and then we dropped off last-minute rentals including one of our arches.  In just a matter of a few hours they were having the wedding ceremony they had wanted and that was the perfect way for me to end my day. 

Since then, I've wanted to be able to offer more.  I've done some serious research, locating breathtaking ceremony locations that our clients can use (even last minute) including an ocean view, vineyards, woodlands, mountains, farms and more.  Plus, I've put located a nice selection of JP's ready to create a personalized ceremony for you!  We can put together decorations, flowers and even a cake to make sure that it can still be memorable, even if it isn't planned months or years in advance.  Contact us today to see what we can do to make your wedding day complete!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Launch

I spent my Monday night at the Hartford Bushnell with my girl Jessi enjoying the book launch of Grace Ormonde Weddings - "being in love never goes out of style".  Now why in the world I didn't bring my normal good camera I don't know.  So I put my new palm phones camera to use and then joked I'm going to start a new business.  Camera Phone Wedding Photography, my rates will be really low.  All joking aside the event was wonderful and it was nice to run into so many great wedding professionals.  Grace Ormonde has a wonderful collection in her book and I'm thankful I was able to attend.  
As you walk in, what a work of art!
As you can tell I can't do the let me take a photo by myself
Sweet, Goodie Bags!

Follow the Link to her book

The goodies in the goodie bags!  Little mini cakes.

Raise your glasses and toast to the happy couple

Parsons Photography

The question is of course who is paying for the drink??

Cash bars are considered “tacky” because if you were to invite friends over for dinner, you would never charge them to have something to drink.  I see no issue in having a cash bar for the last hour, because this can help your guests slow down and start to take a break or switch to coffee.

Tab is one way to go; set a budget with the venue or caterer and when it is used up it is used up.  It can be a good way to keep a limit on what you spend on alcohol and keep you on budget.

Brooke Schumacher Photography

I’m personally a fan of the soft bar, which means offering beer & wine for the length of your event.  A few clients have added on one signature drink because it is in their budget.  Either way, a soft bar offers the open bar feel but without providing everything under the sun.  The truth is the majority of your guests drink wine and beer throughout the event anyway.  A soft bar can be the budget friendly choice.  One of our 2010 weddings offered beer options, red and white wine and a wonderful blueberry sangria. 

Then comes the great and grand open bar.  If it is in your budget, then I say go for it. 

One of the biggest budget eaters is the champagne toast, and over the years, I’ve yet to find a single wedding or event where every single glass of champagne is truly enjoyed. The best way to spend your champagne budget is to put it towards your tab or soft bar and let people toast with something they will enjoy drinking.

When it comes to it, there are plenty of ways to provide your guests with something to drink that won’t destroy your budget.  Consider having one less appetizer, pass on pew bows at the ceremony, and remember the little things that can add up to a big thing.