Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue, Black & White

As Estonian's throughout the world get ready to celebrate their independence day tomorrow, I took part in celebrating this past weekend. Not only did I get to decorate but I had my boys take part in the celebration.  I wanted to create a look that hadn't been done before. Since Estonia has switched over to the European Euro I decided to pay tribute to the passing of Estonian's Kroon.  I found it interesting how many specialty coins they have  had over the past few years and thought it was a perfect way to celebrate the event.  Each centerpiece was a different set of coins with candles in the middle.  A simple and classic look.  
This is my favorite coin, and I even own one.  It was
created as a celebration of our flag.
It was heartwarming to see my boys take part in the celebration.  Something special about seeing your 4 year old sing  Estonian songs that I use to sing.  Estonian was my first language and I learned English around 5.  My boys have grown up with both languages being spoken in our home and they do so well with it.  While my poor husband doesn't always understand us, he understands the gift we have given our children.  Now granted there isn't a HUGE need for Estonian but I will say it does come in handy when you are out and about with them. :)  It is a wonderful thing to be able to share not only a language but a heritage with them. 

On a side note, someone on facebook has created an event for tomorrow known as "Hug an Estonian Day"  and as of now over 20,000 people will be doing this tomorrow.  So if you happen to be "lucky" enough to see one us Estonian's tomorrow, feel free to hug them.


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