Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I’m often asked how I become a planner and designer and where this passion has come from.  I always thought I had my answer but recently I realized it started sooner than I thought.

This passion has to have come from my mother. Granted I don’t think it was something she taught me but more like opened my eyes to it. She showed me ways to add just a touch of detail to a birthday present, or how to group together unlike items and make them seem as though they belong. And with a little extra effect, you could take something simple and make it timeless. I’ve taken this talent into my business.

One of the best gifts she gave me was my voice.  Though I’m sure there were times could have done without the voice, like my teenage years just to name a few. This determined voice that I have, keeps me moving forward always. One of the best uses I’ve found is speaking up for my clients needs.

Ema, (mother in Estonian) also showed me the importance of color, and set into place a fondness just for color, the combinations, the subtleness and how a story can come from these colors.  Our family photos are color coordinated, and certain holidays like Christmas are given a color scheme. I’m not speaking simple red and green, but how about sable & silver, charcoal & diamond, peach & copper and well I could go on.  This years combo is Birch and Fir  (I already have birch paper) There is a sense of satisfaction on finding the perfect wrapping paper or ribbon in the right color.  One of my favorite parts are when couples come to me with color combinations and we discuss what works with the space and for them as a couple.  

I do have to thank my mother because with her continued support for my family, and myself I am able to do what I do. There is such a comfort in knowing that my boys are in good hands when we work 12 hours on event day.  Plus as an added bonus I know she is building memories with my children, which will last them a lifetime.  Aitah.  (Thank you in Estonian)

Happy Mother’s Day