Friday, February 11, 2011


Date was changed
due to snow
I had a great time meeting so many event & wedding professionals at Wedwork last night.  It was about time we all stepped away from the computer screens to socially network without facebook for once.   Plus on event day, I don't really get a chance to sit down and chat as much as I would like too.  Our event was suppose to take place a week ago but due to this crazy snow and ice we had been having, we decided to postpone for safety and parking spaces. 

Thank you to all of the students from event club that came out too.  These students are learning all the pros, cons and truth about the event fields, from catering, cake design, planning and more. I'm looking forward to being a guest speaker at one of their gatherings.  (I just need to figure out how to get past my dislike for public speaking).  Plus it was nice to swap ideas, share tips, stories and come up with future endeavors with certain vendors.  Stay Tuned to SEE! 

Chocolate Rose Treat
Thank you to my co host Julie from the UConn Alumni Center, her support, helpfulness and ideas make for great events.  Thank you to Taylor Rental of Manchester for donating the linens and china used.  We know that they had a rough week due to snow damage at their West Hartford location and are thankful for their continued support.  Taking care of Tummies, took care of the food and the bar.  Thank you for the yummy cheese fondue, curry deviled eggs and more.  The Alumni Center walls glowed thanks to PartyPro DJ company. Thanks to the Two Pour Guys provided us with a prize basket for the business card raffle, Chocolate Rose & Diane's Sweet Treats for yummy cake goodies. 

I also enjoyed the chance to use my cute Christmas gift flower bud vases along with very cool water marbles.  These aren't your typical marbles and help spread the water around in the vase.  Julie and I are working on a professionals weekend, with speakers, mix and mingles, and more, along with another wedwork in a few months.  Thanks again to the professionals, the brides (who dared to be out numbered by the wedding professionals), and to all the helpful hands. 
I'm glad that most of you didn't have to see me chase water
marbles that slipped out my hand during set up. They are squishy
and difficult to catch at times.

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