Friday, February 4, 2011

Ringing in the new

Hanlon Photography
I've been on a ring kick, if you didn't happen to notice on our fan page (yes I still refuse to say my "like" page).  Rings have always been a fascination for me, since I was a child.  My mother use to be one of the few people I know that didn't wear her engagement ring and wedding band together. I think I've only had maybe 3 brides who have worn them on separate hands.  What I find amazing is that in all my years of planning, with the exception of maybe a simple gold band, I have yet to see the same ring twice.  Each one has a story, be it a piece of family history, one created for the bride that breaks everything, wedding rings flown in from Ireland and the stories go on.

The circular ring symbolizes eternity and this was passed onto us all from many ancient cultures.  For some there is a belief that rings inner space is the door way to what lies ahead for the couple. With no beginning or end, it had a spiritualistic outlook for the couple. 

Val McCormick Photography
Rings these days are made from numerous different types of metals, another reason why I don't think I often see the same type of rings over and over.  We all have a type, style and color we are drawn too.  When it comes to the detailed shots that many photographers take, I often wonder what inspires them.   I asked Val McCormick of Val McCormick Photography what inspires her shots.  "I love showcasing the personalities of my couples through the images I create for them. Getting married is one of life's grandest emotional times. It should be documented down to every little detail. If the couple has something sentimental such as their grandfather's old camera on display, a piano the grew up playing, or a love for the art displays at their venue I find a to tie it in. I love to envision fifty years down the road the couples' great grandchild enjoying their album and not just seeing images but rather seeing the couple for who they were, what they loved and how much they loved or love each other."

I even made a few new fans who were willing to share their puppy balancing a ring on the nose.  It is one of those photographs that you can't help but love.  
MW Photography
Flint Prints Photography
As you might be able to tell, we gave our blog a whole new look.  Thank you to Flint Prints Photography for providing us with the awesome ring shot.  We are also showcasing it on our newly redone website.  It was a difficult choice to pick just pick one.  I fell in love with MW Photography's ring on the tree shot the second I opened it. I was also inspired by her new look, a new life, and new beginning to ring in something new for me.  I can't thank them enough for letting my site use their photographs. I hope you enjoy the new look of the blog and the website.  Plus stay tuned for all the exciting things we will be ringing in shortly. 

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