Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living Life in Color

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Jessica yet in person but already have plans in motion to do that.  She will be taking part in a stylized shoot, OZ inspired shoot that is.  Make sure you like her on facebook too, she is full of great ideas & tips.
Hey everyone! Jessica from Love Colorful here, excited and honored to be sharing some information and tips on inspiration boards!

 So what exactly is an inspiration board?

 The way I see it, an inspiration board is a collection of images & objects that provide a visual reference (inspiration) for a project or event.

 How are they helpful?

 Making an inspiration board just helps to visualize a particular feeling or theme - it helps keep a focus.  Especially if you’re planning something like a wedding or photo shoot that will involve multiple people and vendors, an inspiration board can aid in making sure everyone is on the same page.

Now, how do we go about making one?
This is the fun part – and there really is no right or wrong answer! Whether you choose to tear pictures out of a magazine and glue them all together on a piece of poster board or simply keep a folder of digital images you come across on your computer, the extent to which you get creative is up to you! Digital “pin boards” using Pinterest, collages tucked away in notebooks, three ring binders filled to the brim with scraps of fabric and polaroids – you name it! Anything that inspires you or conceptualizes your ideas is fair game in my book.

To help get you started, here are a few examples of the different things you can do!

Digital Collages:

Can be neat and clean or down and dirty. Try adding a title, notes, words, and/or quotes to further express the feeling or theme you’re going for.




Pinterest: www.pinterest.com

Don’t have time to copy out each image you find and arrange it into a separate file? Save images to digital pin boards with the click of a button at pinterest.com!






Physical Scrapbooks/Collages:

Do you have an embarrassingly large collection of magazines & catalogs that you just can’t seem to part with? Put them to good use and tear out products, phrases, outfits, color schemes, etc.  to collect in a notebook or binder or on a piece of poster / foam board.  You can also just print images you find online and add your own notes, scraps, and embellishments. 


Have a great idea but are still a little unsure of how to find pictures and objects or don’t know where to look? Sometimes it helps to call in a professional! This is where event planners & creative stylists can help pull together inspiration for your project.


To me there is no exact formula for how to get an inspiration board “right” – whatever works best for you is usually the way to go - the possibilities are endless!


xxx Jessica


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