Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aqua, Tangerine, Lilac, Mint & more

Good Morning,  As we prep for a blizzard, I thought a little flower beauty might be in order.  Enjoy our guest blogger for the week, Lori from Flore, Fine Flowers. Lori likes to create a balance in flowers, with texture, color, size and more.  Check out her blog and her website!!!!  

2013 Wedding Flower Trends
We know that Pantone has named Emerald the color of the year, but here at Flore, we think the real winner will be a shade of green closer to Mint.
A vintage color, mint evokes memories of the 1940s and 1950s---still classic, but a more modern vintage.  Mint also helps bridge the gap between the “Rustic Chic” theme that has been so popular to the newer “Elegant Chic” . We expect to see sophisticated, modern styling but more organically chic, with less emphasis on “match-matchy”. Whimsical touches that are personal and fun…weddings that are a less formal event and more of an intimate party for friends and family! If I had to sum it up, I would say look forward to a light-hearted 2013!  
Here are the colors we plan on seeing a lot of in the coming year:
aquatangerinelilacmintantique blue
deep redlattepurplecharcoalsage

Flowers we will be seeing are still more of the same from 2012, but the colors will be more muted and the styling more relaxed. Hand-tied bouquets are still in favor, but we are seeing more personalization with the addition of beads, brooches, jewel pins, pearls, crystals, monogrammed details and lace.  Roses continue to be the most popular bouquet and centerpiece flower along with peonies, lilies, dahlias, anemones, dusty miller, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids.  Arrangements with a just-picked and looser casual look are replacing the more tightly-bound shapes of previous seasons.  There seems to be a shift towards embracing the wild form of flowers…nature in all it’s glory!
We recently scoured the internet for some inspiration, and here’s what we found……photo credit: One Love Photography photo credit  Aaron Ebio Ebsfoto photo credit Rensche Mari Photography photo credit: Austin Gros Photography photo credit: Melissa McClure Photography

Are you getting married in 2013? Tell us which trends you will (or won’t) be incorporating into your wedding.
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