Saturday, April 13, 2013

New England Getaway

I use to work as many weekends as I could, and as my business grew, I learned that taking a few weekends for myself and my family was a smart idea.  While I've been busy with events, upcoming weddings and photo shoots, I was given an opportunity to not only get away but also still work. This was perfect for me. 

I had the pleasure of escaping to Vermont.  Pittsfield Vermont to be exact, a simple 3 or so hour drive up north to the Riverside Farms, a true New England destination getaway for weddings. The drive was peaceful and even though I arrived to a few snow squalls, the Amee Farm Lodge, their bed & breakfast was warm and welcoming.  

The lodge is located less than 2 minutes away from the Pittsfield's General Store, restored with classic ice boxes (I wish I had grabbed a photo of them), a wine cellar, goodies and THE place to grab a quick lunch or amazing dinner. After picking up a bottle of local Vermont wine, I checked into my room (the Lamb). I fell in love with the rustic window, my view and the sound of a river passing by and the amazing slate shower.   I also couldn't help but notice how warm the rooms were, I guess this is a spot where the geothermal system makes complete sense. 

You know it is going to be a great night, when you are able to sit down at a custom farm table, enjoy wine, a delicious dinner & talk weddings. Our dinner was provided by the General Store, they do caterer the rehearsal dinners, newlywed brunches and more. The building is the perfect spot to take over with all of your guests and enjoy coming together. The next day was spent touring all the different style barns and lodging that the couples and families could enjoy.  Even though I could have slept in, I couldn't help but get up early, enjoy the views, the Vermont cold morning and cup of coffee before anyone else.  While at the breakfast table, I listened to a sweet couple, there planning out the final details of their big day, well big weekend. There is something special about knowing that everyone is going to come together and spend a few days relaxing, celebrating, partying, all because of your love. 

As a planner, I LOVE to see a crew that really knows their space, but also enjoys the space they work in.  Working with couples is more than a job to everyone I met, it is their life and I of course connected with that.  Riverside Farms is a place where you can plan a New England style wedding any way you would like.  There are numerous barns to pick from, lodging of all sorts for your guests and wedding party and you can spend a whole weekend, or longer just enjoying it all.  Not only can you use the barns, but you have fields to pop up a tent, or sit
outside and enjoy a campfire with your friends and family. it is really a place that wants to get you what you want.  
They have a choice of caterers, florists and so much more.  Your guest can be shuttled around town in old school buses and for the couple looking for a true New England getaway wedding, this is the place.
I'm always pleased to walk into a venue where they are there to please their clients, work with planners and really give people a whole experience, not just a great party.  The choices seemed endless and the level of detail makes the type A personality side of me smile.  I can't wait to plan an event there.  


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