Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Romance

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With Valentine’s day just around the corner, the big push for what you should be doing for that day has of course already started.  I think the push actually started months ago when Valentine candy was even out before Christmas was over, but anyways next Tuesday is the day.  Do you plan to go out that night, or maybe go out this weekend or the weekend after?  Will you create a romantic dinner at home? Just buy each other gifts? Plan a getaway?  The questions are kinda endless. The biggest question I always have, are you being romantic cause you want to be or cause of the date?

No matter what day you decide to celebrate, let us make a few suggestions.  For the next week, why not use your good plates, the good wine glasses, and real napkins.  Why not light candles throughout your dinning room, or your kitchen table.  Why not add candles throughout the room?   Pick a night to cook together, start with a bottle of wine, and cook together!  One of you can pick up the needed items from the store, and the other one can put the dishes away but take the time to create a meal together.  This works best if you put your phone in another room, don’t turn on the tv, though music is okay.  Why not buy a box of chocolates and enjoy biting into each one and figuring out if it is one you like or you don’t. Or even better feed them to each other and see if you can guess what they are.  Take one night to enjoy your partner’s choice in a movie and then the next night switch.  I also recommend that you both plan a night out and make the reservations and surprise each other.  You don’t have to go out for a huge pricey meal, but instead go out for drinks before or maybe just dessert.  Plus there are plenty of great restaurants that offering amazing deals this month, so do a little research and find the best deals.Have a little fun seeing who can find the best deal in town.   If you don’t have a babysitter, then why not pick up a take out order from that place you both have been wanting to go too.  Maybe just turn on your favorite song and dance around the house together, it doesn't cost you anything. 

My hope here is that I’ve given you a little food for thought on how to be romantic for more than just one day or at least how to make the one day really count.  I personally am not a huge fan of Valentine’s day, believe or not.  I don’t even own anything red, (someday I will share a photo of my cool walk in closet and you won’t see red. I do own a few pink items but I’m sure my mother bought them for me).  I am a huge fan of romance though, maybe that is why I love weddings.  While there are so many wonderful details to a wedding, my favorites are always the simple acts of love the couples share.  That first moment they see each other, be it during a first look or when one is about to walk down the aisle.  I love the moment when a couple is first married, and have a few seconds after the ceremony before anyone else hugs them or congratulates them. My favorite of all time, is when I see a couple both talking to other people look across the room, filled with friends and family and mom’s co-workers and they share an entire conversation with just a smile.  Those are the things I wish most for my couples, that they don’t lose that special connection, that they take time to still enjoy each other and love all moments, good and bad with each other.  So if you find yourself thinking of what to do this holiday, then make an effort to honestly take time to spend with each other and be a tiny bit more romantic.

Also do your best to shop local, (buy flowers from a local place)  & eat at locations that aren’t chains, and  support the places around you if you can. That has nothing to do with romance but just a nice reminder for you.

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