Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things to consider for an outside ceremony

Last wedding season I was lucky to have a range of different ceremony locations.  I had a good chunk of them be outdoors, I think it is something many of us enjoy but there are always a few things to take into consideration when deciding on an outdoor ceremony location. 

Set the ceremony away from the sunshine.
Lots of sunshine!
SUNSHINE:  Make sure you figure out where the sun will be during your ceremony. Try to ensure that your guests and your wedding party isn't squinting throughout the service.  You want people to focus on the ceremony not on the fact that they can't see you. Try to pick a time for your ceremony that works with the level of sunshine if you can.

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SOUND:  Since you are outside, it is important to figure out how to make sure you are heard.  There are ways to hook up a sound system, this is a great thing to discuss with your DJ or musicians for your ceremony.  Your planner of course knows ways to help too.  If you decide not to use a sound system, make sure everyone speaks clearly, a bit louder than normal and have your guests sit closer together.  As the wedding couple, make sure you are looking at each when you exchange your vows instead of having your back to your guests.  Don't have your wedding party block you either.

BUGS:  It is a great idea to have bug spray available around the ceremony site.  Stick them in a basket, with packages of tissues and you are good to go.  Another product beside spray are bug spray wipes, they are easy to use but remember to have a trash can close by for people drop the wipes into after use.  You can fog the area a few hours before the ceremony, set up bug traps, or have a professional bug spraying company come out usually the week of the wedding.

SEATING:  What will work best for your style of wedding, budget and number of guests.  You don't have to have everyone sit if you plan on a short and sweet ceremony.  Though it is important to have some form of seating for certain guests, you don't want your grandmother standing for the whole ceremony.  Rented chairs, benches, blankets, hay and there are always clever choices to be made in seating.  Just remember, not everyone is going to want to sit on the ground and find the best solution that works for the space and your style.

Always be willing to work with the space you are in, remember to have a back up plan or even two or three of them!  Outdoor ceremonies can be amazing and taking the time to work out the details is important. 

Meeting both needs, chairs and blankets for a freestyle wedding.

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