Friday, February 10, 2012

Expressing Tradition!

Giving your wedding a personal touch is a wonderful thing & bringing in a bit of family tradition can be a sweet touch. It doesn't have to be wedding traditions though, like getting married in the same church as your parents or the same wedding date or reception location.
I had one sweet bride (I'm using the word sweet since I know she still reads these)  decide to share her Nana's cookies with everyone and even the recipe. It was a nice personal touch of family tradition that will be remembered for years to come.

Another couple who decided that their candy bar was filled with candies from all their own childhood.  Many people tend to stick to the wedding theme or the colors which is amazing but this couple wanted to filled the jars with their childhood.  Plus they even went as far as to add in their parents favorites.  

One couple used the wedding bands from the family, one from the bride's father who had passed away many years earlier is now being worn by the groom.  It was a sweet gesture, and something that will be forever special to the couple.

When you decide to do something like this, then take the time to share it with your guest.  Add a cute little sign that explains your choices, or add some information into your programs.  You guests want to know and you should share.

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