Friday, March 4, 2011

To Top it Off

From one of our weddings

How to top off your wedding cake???  Well, there is no rule on what needs to be on top. It is a great place to add a creative touch that is an example of both of you.   Plus don't feel like you need to be shopping in a "wedding" store to find this perfect topper.   

Flowers by Custom Floral
The frogs are salt & pepper shakers that the bride just loved.  While frogs were not the theme of the wedding, the bride did want to bring in a touch of herself into the cake topper. The cost of the salt and pepper shaker were a fraction of the cost of something similar from a wedding site.   In love with your wedding flowers?? You can order extra flowers from your florist or consider sugar flowers.  It is always important to compare the price and make sure if you go with edible flowers you are happy with the look.  

Sweetest Days Photography
Erin from the Chocolate Rose Bakeshop, suggested that you discuss your ideas with your baker.  It is important to factor in the weight of the topper.  "The weight of the topper- it never fails to amaze me what some of these cake topper manufacturers will produce: some of these items weighing 3 pounds or more, forgetting that what it's going on top of is, in fact, a cake." Another point to consider is making sure the base is proportionate to the height.  You can't have a 8 to 10 inch tall topper sitting on a 2 inch base.  It will topple and fall and Erin has had to place the topper in front of the cake.  If you do know what you plan on putting on top, make sure to show it to your baker.

Not 100% sure what to put on top, why not a token from where you got engaged.  Check out the Mickey & Minnie, any guesses on where he popped the question??   Or why not just have the topper be a part of the cake, like this creation by Uconfections.  These boxes needed a bow and it was  a perfect touch.  The point is that no matter what you put on top, a monogram, a family heirloom or if you create your own topper, let it be an example of you as a couple.

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