Monday, January 31, 2011

If the shoe fits...

Dawn Binz Photography
If the shoe fits, wear it!!!  Every single bride has a different sense of style and love for their wedding shoes.  It is interesting to see how much shoe style has changed over the years. There seems to be an exciting flair added to shoes, be it color, texture, or a special surprise (like "I do" written on the bottom) and I have to say I LOVE IT.  I find it a way to complete your own look.  My brides of the past have worn cowboy boots (see the shoes to the left, these were my brides but she switched to the boots pretty quickly), everyday kitten heels, and even deep purple UGG boots. 
Val McCormick Photography
My one wish is that my brides enjoyed wearing their wedding shoes a bit more.  These pieces of art should be enjoyed throughout the event, instead of being tossed underneath the sweetheart table and exchanged for flip flops. If you happen to be a  ballet shoes type of girl then stick with what you love from the start. I know us girls love to kick off the shoes and dance. Though I've learned that breaking in your shoes is worth it. (As the planner I do kick off my shoes during set up but once it all starts, the shoes stay on.) Break them in by cooking dinner in them, taking a spin around your home dance floor (any open space in your own home), and wear them while you put your make up on.  This isn't a must-do but it does help you get the most out of your stylish investment. If you do happen to get them a tiny bit dirty BABY WIPES tend to be the answer to getting them clean.

Anything that plays a role in your detail shots for wedding day should be ENJOYED!  There are many clever and creative ways to showcase them.  As you can see due to the talented photography eye of Val McCormick of Val McCormick Photography, who was kind enough to let us share these last four photographs. My last bit of tidbit for the evening is to remember shoes can your something new or something blue...

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