Friday, June 11, 2010

Colorful Love

We all have our favorites.  The perfect shade of blue, the brightest yellow, the warmest red; and our favorites tend to be a part of our events.  When picking your favorite combo or trio of colors for your wedding or event, there are things to keep in mind.

Will your colors be contrasting, like bright red with a turquoise?  This is a color combo that can work amazingly but at the same time fail.  You don't want them to clash. Another choice is to have complementary colors, such as blue and yellow.  Or, a way to go is to pick shades of the same color.  We had a bride who picked many different shades of purple from light to dark. It worked with the space and her vision.  (See how pretty everything was?!?)

How will the colors work within your venues?  If you have your colors in mind prior to picking a venue, bring along a napkin or tablecloth if you can.  Remember certain colors will shine and work with a space, while others may fight the location.  If you have one color that you love, but don't know what to combine it with, pick a color from the venue.  If your location has an on-site coordinator, feel free to ask about what colors have been used in the space in the past, what works, what doesn't and consider the information.  If you find the perfect neutral venue, you may need to bring in a bright color to bring life to the room.

When working with color, always have a sample with you.  This way if you think you have found the perfect shade of peach, you will be able to pull out your sample and be 100% sure.  If you check your color in different lighting, make sure you still love it. I bought a comfy chair that I thought was gray, and when I got it home, I found out it was green; light made all the difference. If you have a sample of a color, have one that you can leave with your planner, cake designer, and florist.  Plus seen the photos below how well the flowers work with the colors of the dresses.

Think of how your colors will look on your wedding party.  They don't have to be perfect but at the same time you do want the colors to work on them.  (Thank you to Parsons Photography for lending a hand on some cute photographs showing off color)  You can see how some girls look great in the purple and others look great in the yellow. Just like how the little bit of watermelon color worked really well with the black tuxes on the guys. 

Lighting is a great way to change the color of a room.  Working with a company that knows how to be effective with lights, knows all the safety concerns, and has a large selection is the way to go.  It is smart to do a walk through with a lighting person to see how you can use a touch of color to make the room sparkle for you. 

Use color effectively & constantly without over-doing it. Work with colors that make you feel great from day one, and you will be happier! 

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