Monday, June 28, 2010

Apples to Apples

Countless times I've been sitting with a couple and they start to explain how they have been comparing vendors to each other, and when asked what they are comparing, almost always the price is the only thing.

While price plays a huge factor, it should never be the only thing you compare. From a planner's aspect things to consider
  • Years of experience :  With these years of experience comes the ability to handle any situation during your special day, the ability to work within your given time frame, and  to provide you with top notch service. On your important day, you need a planner who is able to think quickly and react in an appropriate manner. Plus the ability to guide you through difficult situations effectively.
  • The number of events they have done and the sizes of these event.
  • The ability to locate vendors who will meet your budget and vision without receiving a kickback.
  • If they work full-time or part-time as a planner
  • How many hours they will provide for day-of, if you are comparing day-of services
  • Plus so much more but of course I'm a planner so I could go on and on... :)
 These are just a few simple things to consider when comparing planners. When comparing bakers, you should know if they are able to create something custom or traditional, if they work better in buttercream or fondant and so forth.  With DJ's, ask how large their selection is, do they have the newest music, do they have a back up power source (like After Hours DJ Entertainment does) and of course the quality of the equipment.

When it comes to photographer, you should be comparing the hours, extra shooters, how you will receive your photos, where they were trained, if they are comfortable with formal poses (even if that isn't what you are looking for. They need to be able to assist in making you and your guests look good in the photos.)  Diane Parsons from Parsons Photography says " A good photographer should enhance the style of the couple." This means they can capture the true feeling of the event.  Another very important thing to ask is how they back up the photos, do they do this at the wedding, and so forth.  (Note the photo: This was one of those times were the photographer only had a few seconds to capture the boy looking up the dress but on the other hand now the bridesmaid has flowers growing out of her head...)

When it comes to florists,  will they be creating standard creations or new custom ones, if they handle one or more weddings on your day, their knowledge of flowers and willingness to work with in your budget.

When all is said and done, you need to compare experience, the full services you will be receiving and perks.  Always feel free to ask a vendor explain their costs, this way you will feel better about your choice.  There are tons of great vendors throughout the state and when comparing, make sure you are comparing similar services.

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