Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Weddings

I personally LOVE winter and LOVE winter weddings.  I think there is something magical and wonderful about snow.  My favorite wedding of all time is when Phoebe gets married in NYC during the snow storm.  Now of course it isn't something you can really plan for, snowfall or no snowfall.  A few weekends ago it was 50 degrees and sunshine, so needless to say no one has mastered mother nature yet.

Be understanding though if you are looking to book a winter wedding.  Prices from vendors will of course be better but there is always the chance for a huge storm, or last minute guests who can't make it.  As long as you prepare yourself mentally at least that things may change, you will be okay.  It is a risk that I see more and more couples take just for the financial benefit.   Make sure you venue can handle lack of power, and make sure your vendors have some sort of weather clause in their contracts too. 

I had an amazing winter wedding this year, and it included snow on the wedding day.  So everything ran about 1/2 hour late but everyone was safe and took their time driving.  Guests were smart and arrived early and it was a huge success.

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