Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Pink?

When I was a little girl, my room was wallpapered with different shades of pink and I even had pink tiles behind my radiator.  I had pink sheets, and I think I wore a lot of pink.  This worked for many years of my childhood but then as I grew and my taste evolved.  

Why am I discussing the color pink, well it isn't just about the color.  I know color a lot since it is a huge part of everyone's wedding. We design our flowers off this, invites, napkins, dresses and so forth but I guess I wanted to remind my couples and couples who are just starting to work with a color not over do it.  Pink might be your FAVORITE color in the world but what your soon to be spouses?  Whenever you are sitting there designing through your wedding day, remember to pause and ask how much is too much?  If you have more than your eyes can take in, then it might be time to scale back a tiny bit at least.  Make your favorite color stand out by using contrasting color,  or complementary colors. 

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