Monday, February 13, 2012

Sexy Tupperware

Weird title, but it made you look.  Back in the day Tupperware parties were the thing to do.  I remember as a child hearing my mother be invited to them, or having neighbors hosting them but the at home parties have really changed over the years.  I know there are tons, ones that sell jewelry, kitchen items (maybe a little Tupperware) and many many that sell romance. 

Now as a the hosting company for CT Bridal Event, I've had my share of different at home romance companies come to our events.  I've really learned that they aren't all the same.  Three years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Raylene, a woman who has always been full of life, a straight shooter and aware, while running her own Pure Romance company.  I use the word aware for an important reason, Raylene isn't all about selling romance products but also educating the women who attend the parties.   She was also aware that at a bridal show, people might not wish to have EVERYTHING displayed.  Some people attend our shows, with grandmother's, step children and might not be interested in discussing edible underwear with their friends, or if they use lube or not.   If they are, they book a party or spend time talking to Raylene, but as I said she is really aware of how to connect with people in a comfortable, not in your face method. 

I'm a fan on facebook and between the sales pitches, and jokes, she does her best to keep women educated on their bodies.  Her honesty makes her excel at what she does.  I've seen people meet her at the show, tell her how much fun they had 3 months ago and book another party.  That says a lot.  So if you want to check her out, this is the perfect time.  You don't have to host a party, you can just join her at her 5th anniversary party.   Feel free to call her at 860-367-8056 or email her.  Plus find her on facebook and LIKE her. 

Just remember the fine print, babies and children are not allowed.  Men can attend this party by hanging out at the bar and then joining their girlfriends & wives after a little while.

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