Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loving Challenge

Today is my last day in my own 7 day blog challenge. I am going to say I did well, I’m sure I could have done better but at the same day I didn’t falter and I didn’t just not do it.  So I did WELL and I”m gonna be happy with myself.   I didn’t plan on ending on the biggest love day of the year if you happen to celebrate this day but I did.   

As the mother of two boys, I found myself the Valentine’s Eve discussing this day.  Since I’m in the process of the divorce, turns out my oldest had a few questions for me.  Like who was gonna show me love tomorrow, and I told him I was gonna love myself, remind myself that I am a good person, that I am a good mother and that I can do anything I set my mind too.  I said you wanna know the secret to Valentine’s day and he said sure.  I said if you sweep a girl off her feet only on that day, then you will have to continue to sweep her off her feet on just that one day.  If you take the time to show love throughout your life and hers, you may find that one day doesn’t make or break you.  No matter how you plan on treating this day for the rest of your life, just remember to always treat the day the same way you do every year, it will keep you out of trouble.  

Mind you he is in middle school and while he likes girls it isn’t something he really wants to discuss with his mother but I did ask if he was set for tomorrow.  He said for me not to worry.  Such a grown up answer.  

My oldest asked what his mother ever got for Valentine’s day in middle school. My responce was simple, that a boy named Jason gave me a potted plant, that outlasted all the roses the other girls got.  This for some reason made my son laugh, he gave me a hug and went to read until bed time.  

I hope this day provides the love and caring that everyone needs.  So while I did say a few days ago this wasn’t my favorite day of the year, I refuse to be a Grinch about it either. I might have baked pink smooshed heart shaped cupcakes for the boys...they weren’t suppose to be smooshed but remember I’m not a baker. :)   Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Remember that tomorrow all the left over candy goes on sale.  I think that might be my favorite day...

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