Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taking My Own Advice

Most couples who have been planning (even if they have a planner) find one or two tasks that just seem impossible or as far away from being enjoyable as they can be.  It is bound to happen, it can't all be fun all the time.  If it was, do you think you would enjoy the good times as much?  (Not sure why I had a sort of zen moment)  Anyways I can almost always pick the two things each couple won't want to do after they start, of course each couple is different.  

I find myself saying often "it is okay", " this is just a bump in the road", "think about the big picture" , "take a deep breath" and then walking them through the issue until we find a solution that works out best for them.  I have to do the pep talk first though, I have to bring my couple back to a point where they are listening, calm and ready to honestly tackle the task at hand.  The last few weeks have been interesting here at ESTOccasions and even I, have moments of "what the hell" though depending on the issue, there may be other words in that phrase. Most of us wedding professionals work for ourselves.  It is a balancing act (which for the most part I love and makes me good at what I do.   Example: Delaying the bride by 10 minutes to ensure the rental company truck won't be in any photos as they deliver a working oven this time to the catering company, all while smiling and letting her know that we are just waiting for a few guests to sit down.  Which was true and thank goodness for last minute folks.)  I have to balance between running two businesses, a household, a family and time to just breath.  It is what I love but I found myself this morning in a bit of stress.  The boys needing one thing, only have instant coffee in the house (bad choice but better than none), a full email box, appointments later today, deadlines and thinking how in the world was this going to work today.  So I took a deep breath, reminded myself that everything really is OKAY and I need to look at the big picture.  Slowly just went back to checking one thing off at a time and being thankful that I get to do something I LOVE every single day. Now I remember why I say these things to my clients.  :)

So if you find yourself this weekend, stressing while trying to figure out your long list of wedding tasks, remember to take a deep breath.  Tackle one thing at a time.  Know you can't make everyone happy and always, ALWAYS look at the big picture.  Your friends and family are coming because they LOVE you, they want to share in this moment with you, and maybe remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.    This zennish moment has been brought to you by instant coffee, 5 hours of sleep and a happy wedding planner. :)

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