Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Wedding Maddness

The holiday time is really upon us.   No matter what you believe in, how you celebrate or what you do during this holiday time, there is bond to be parties, gatherings and people who are going to ask over and over again how wedding planning is going.  Not only will they ask but they may even give unsolicited advice, or opinions about your planning. 

At the office party, you will hear about your coworkers daughter's college best friend's wedding and how they just LOVED that wedding.  Or how their cousins son DJ's on the weekend, and they don't mind passing along your name. My favorite is when brides tell me after the holidays how great aunt suzy wanted to know how long after the wedding will they wait to have kids. The other wedding conversation that comes up is how much you are spending. The simple thing is that you don't need to share this information and do your best to politely just exit the conversation.  Or tell people your planning is moving along well and that you are really just enjoying being engaged.  Don't feel as though you need to explain yourself and honestly most people ask only cause they are interested. 
As a planner, I do tend to pick the brains of people who I meet who are engaged or just got married. I warn them first and ask them if they don't mind if I ask them a few questions.  I also state it is for research because I can learn a lot from people who just went through it or are in the middle of it.  Everyone is different, and what they end up loving and hating, I find interesting.

So good luck as your work your way through this holiday time, only a few more weeks to go.  Soon it will be 2012, a whole new year of people asking you how it is going. :)  Happy Holidays!

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