Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 things as a planner I've done (and no one knew)

Why this discussions came up, well I'm not 100% sure. Though I'm often doing my best to explain what we planners do beside the normal things. There are always things you just can't plan for 100% but the goal is to be ready for them and do your best for the client.  Here are a quick 5 and stay tuned this week for more.

1.) Late Spring, NYC (hot), both myself and the wonderful catering manager from Josh's catering are attempting to scrub off the glue from where the florist glued down the aisle runner. Mind you we are in an Orthodox Synagogue and most items were priceless.  Even though we had asked them not to glue it down, they still did and within 1/2 hour we got all the spots out.  (Both of us had babies no more than a month old at this time too, so it was a nice bonding moment for us. lol)

2.) One of the shuttle vans became stuck on the dirt road to the wedding venue. This van was blocking other vans from moving up and down the road with ease and had to be unstuck right then and there.  With a bunch of groomsmen on the back giving weight, and 2 up front with me, I helped push it out.  I of course had to kick off my high heels at this moment but it needed to be done.  Nothing better than hearing all the bridesmaid cheer with joy!

3.) Removed advertising from the wedding cake.  I wish I was kidding. On the 3 tiered cake, where the ribbon connected they placed a bakery sticker. With care, I removed the stickers and turned the seams to the back just so no one knew.

4.) Different wedding, 4 tiered cake, and the catering crew is REFUSING to cut and serve the cake.  First they say they weren't paid for this, then they tell me they can't get to the cake since it was tucked into a corner.  In a quick moment, I picked up the WHOLE cake and carried it to a cutting table and proceeded to cut until the catering manager took over.

5.) Dried off 56 chairs due to a spot shower and then placed an umbrella onto each chair for all for all of the guests, just in case. (Yes they needed them, and yes we were able to purchase 56 all black umbrellas from the local WalMart that morning. Okay they weren't all black but pretty damn close)

Stay Tuned for more....

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