Monday, January 17, 2011

Photo Booth Fun

Just a month or so ago we had the pleasure of working with Connecticut Photo Booths at Stephanie's & Steven's wedding.  The photo booth was a huge hit, providing the guest with a photo strip to keep and one strip for the guest book, and overall it was fun! 

Our bride and groom insisted that all the vendors take a turn in the booth and the challenge was born.  The two videographers were in first and they did bring a clever creative touch to their photos.  They grabbed all of their gear and see what they created...

As a planner, I could have brought in my folders, copies of all the paperwork, our centerpiece designs, our table card numbers, escort cards and more but that would have been a bit difficult to carry into the booth.  I decided, along with my staffer Robyn, that we should grab the bride and groom.  Of course Stephanie and Steven were up for it and a pretend fight broke out.  

I want to make it clear that is the husband's hand on his wife in the last photo, just saying! :)   The last ones to enter the booth were the talented photographers from Studio Foto.  There was a lot of happiness in the booth since all four were newlyweds.  Plus the cameras were able to take part in the photographs too. 

Now I know the awesome DJ, Kurt from Fun Factory, did have his photograph taken, but the only copy I have is the one in the book.  It is a little hard to see, but it is a great photograph. At least you are able to see a quick look at the guest book.  The guest book was a custom created book, staying true to their winter wedding theme and colors.  A nice touch that the Connecticut Photo Booth staff does is display the pages before putting them all in the book.  While guests were in line, it gave them a chance to check them out.

We have worked with many different "photo booth" companies and have to say that Connecticut Photo Booth is in our top three of them.  They send an experienced employee to work the booth throughout the event and they are there to handle the entire system.  This is important because if there is an issue with printing, or the color of the photos, they are on top of it right then and there.
The set up of the booth is top notch too.  This isn't a bunch of PVC pipes held together with  duct tape and a curtain that needs 2 or 3 people for set up.  You wouldn't want a booth that looks like it could fall over if someone brushes against it, and you feel comfortable putting  more than 2 people into it.  Connecticut Photo Booth provides a great set up, and it doesn't take away from your event.

When interviewing a photo booth company, it is important to ask about their rates, how many photographs you will receive, how much space they need for set up, how much time they need for set up, and if someone will be on site for the entire event that knows what they are doing.  

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