Friday, July 23, 2010

Better than a town hall wedding

Last year,  in the summer, a very sweet lady gave me a call.  She and her girlfriend were coming to visit her daughter here in Connecticut.  Upon arriving, they decided it was the right time to get married, but they hadn't planned anything and they weren't sure they had enough time to pull something together.  They were going to get married at the town hall,  even though they would have loved to be married in her daughter's backyard.  So of course I wanted them to have what they were dreaming of.  I directed them towards some of our JP's that were available, they picked the one that was right for them, and then we dropped off last-minute rentals including one of our arches.  In just a matter of a few hours they were having the wedding ceremony they had wanted and that was the perfect way for me to end my day. 

Since then, I've wanted to be able to offer more.  I've done some serious research, locating breathtaking ceremony locations that our clients can use (even last minute) including an ocean view, vineyards, woodlands, mountains, farms and more.  Plus, I've put located a nice selection of JP's ready to create a personalized ceremony for you!  We can put together decorations, flowers and even a cake to make sure that it can still be memorable, even if it isn't planned months or years in advance.  Contact us today to see what we can do to make your wedding day complete!!

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