Thursday, May 27, 2010

To display or not to display...

...that is the question.  There still seems to be a debate about whether a vendor should display their cards at a wedding or any other event. As nice as the fan of business cards may look at the edge of the bar or next to the cake, they shouldn't be there.  When the client has purchased an item, be it an outstanding candy buffet or flowers, as amazing as they may be, someone's wedding isn't the correct place to display the company information.  This day is about the couple, and while they have chosen vendors well, a good vendor won't feel the need to promote their work at someone else's gathering.

In the years of planning, I've seen many different vendors attempt creative ways to display their company name at a wedding. Some dj's will place a company banner behind the music set up, or sometimes even in front. A better suggestion would be to have a nice name tag with the company name and their name.  Nothing ruins a first dance photo like a huge company banner behind them.  I've seen cakes delivered with the cake company's logo on the cake board, and while this is a minor way of letting people know, it can be considered disrespectful unless cleared with the couple first.  The best idea is to  simply find the coordinator and give them a set of your cards.  This way if a guest asks, the planner can share the business card, or if they decide to ask the bride and groom, they can direct them to the coordinator.

Sometimes, such as certain sponsored events and charity events, this is different of course.  It would be advisable for any couple planning a more private event, such as a wedding, inform the vendors that if they would like, they may hand the coordinators a few extra cards just in case.


  1. I am so glad you put up this post. I myself never display business cards at a wedding. I find it VERY tacky to when DJ's put their banners up at weddings. It's a wedding not a baseball game and they are not sponsoring. It totally kills the almost perfect first dance shot! It's all about the bride and groom. It's there day! Great post!

  2. I agree. I have had people suggest that I leave my cards next to the cake, but I would never do such a tacky thing. I only leave cards with the banquet coordinator, and usually only if they ask, as I know that their first and foremost concern for that day is the wedding.

  3. Thank you ladies! Baseball game so true, well said Val!