Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedwork (Networking night for special event & wedding professionals)

Since somehow we flew into March, I thought I better touch base about our first WedWork event before we are in the full swing of spring.  Two weeks ago at the UConn Alumni Center on cool February Friday night close to 100 event & wedding professionals came together to mix and mingle.  It was a nice turn out for the first time holding such an event.  Julie from the UConn Alumni Center really made a point to reach out to as many in the field as she could.  Since we both felt that this event was a success, we will be working on another one a few months from now.  Plus it was nice to show off the space for Firefly Night and a Love Me Two Times Fashion Show event during the Alumni Center's Open House weekend (March 12th for the fashion show and open house 12th-14th) and of course our 4th annual CT Bridal Event.

We were really thankful for Hop River Cafe and Taking Care of Tummies for providing amazing finger foods.  Plus the wonderful staff from University Catering tended the bar and even provided some treats for also.  For myself one of the best things about this event was being able to meet vendors in real life.  Many of them I have had the pleasure of speaking with on Facebook and in emails.  Now I had a chance to shake hands and really take a moment to chat.  It was a blast to meet two of the three ladies from Parson Photography.  They had agreed to be our official photographers and somewhere in the middle of the event, they did go on a shoe photographing craze, all thanks to Sara from Taylor Rental in Manchester.  Her stylish red shoes were a huge hit.  I added in my boots since I loved the photo.
No ones shoes were safe.  Needless to say Parson Photography was a huge hit at the event and if you would like to see more of their work, make sure to check out their website

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