Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Who, What, Where, When, Why & How of Budgets

When planning any type of event, it is important to be honest about the budget.

Who~Who is supplying the budget funds?
What~What is a realistic budget?

Where~Where should I be spending the budget?

When~When is a good time to put down a deposit?

Why~Why do need a budget?

How~How can I keep my budget under control?

 We often ask who will be paying for the budget or at least the majority of it because while the trend has been for couples to start to pay for their wedding, families do assist.  When we know who is taking care of certain parts of the budget, we make sure the correct people are involved. 

What is a realistic budget can be difficult mostly because couples are uncertain how much it costs for all the aspects of a larger scale event. Cost can also depend on the region, popularity of venue, vendors, the type of food and even the trends the couple is interested in. 

Where to spend the budget?  Well, you will be spending most of it on the food, drinks, and depending on your location, there may be venue fees.  Couples should spend their dollars in places that will give them the most for their funds.

When should deposits be paid?  This can be hard.  Just remember that until a vendor has a signed contract and deposit they will be attempting to fill your wedding date.  We always recommend that you set up a few vendor appointments for the same day or weekend, and then take the time to compare and pick the one that will work for you.  Make sure you understand their contracts and deposit rules before you move forward but don't waste months trying to pick a vendor because you will miss out.

Why do we need a budget?  When you are planning a large scale event having a budget will help you stay on track.  It is  also meant as a guideline for yourself, because you shouldn't be spending money you don't have on your event, since it can cause extra stress for yourself.  With a budget, a planner can figure out the best way distribute the funds for the correct vendors. 

How can we get the maximum out of our budget?  In our line of work, we always recommend working with a planner.  Since we are aware of different vendor deals, cost effective designs, and also save you time, a planner can help you remain within budget. It is cost effective for yourself not be running around meeting with vendors who may not be within your budget or don't work with the style you are going for.  With a planner we can recommend the right match for you. Remember that you don't have to hire a wedding planner for full-service planning; opt for a wedding day service and a consultation to make sure you are on the right track if you are interested in doing-it-yourself.  

ESTOccasions is here to offer that top notch service at a reasonable rate.  We never accept commissions from any vendor or venue, and we only recommend vendors that work with your vision and budget.  As an added bonus we offer many discounted rentals to our clients.  We work to save our couples as much as they spend on us.

Just remember to sit down and really discuss an event budget, as you will save yourself stress and the hassle of meeting with venues and vendors that won't work within your budget.  There really are vendors for every budget range and working with a planner can help you find the best for your money. 

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