Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of our services: Rentals

           As  a full-service event and design company, we are able to offer a large selection of         rentals.  I realize I need to set up a day and do a full phone shoot of all of our rentals, and create a rental book for everyone.  Certain rentals, we just drop off or have the client pick and go. Items like our candy buffet items, vases, candle holders, card boxes and more. We are always willing to set them up for our clients too but there are times where pick up and go just works better.

Other rentals such as a few of our arches, canopies and large scale rentals, we have to set them up.  Why you may ask, well because we understand how to make them sturdy in any setting,  adjust the height when needed and we have the correct tools for set up are just a few of the reasons.  You will never find my staff or myself setting up an outdoor tent for 150 people, why, because we just don't have the skills to do this. Taylor Rental in Manchester is the place to go for such items.  Plus for all of your china, silverware and linen needs they are the place to go.  Let Sarah know we sent you!
This is a top view of our metal one of a kind circular canopy, can be decorated in many different ways
We understand the time needed to set up certain rentals, this is another reason why some of ours aren't just drop and go!  In the end it is still our company name, our quality of goods that are being used and we take pride in what we do.  As planners we have a total understanding of what needs to go into the event and the time needed to make sure everything is set up correctly.  If you are looking for something special, something a bit different then let us know.  You never know what we may have in stock and it is worth asking.
Over the years we continue to have our rental section grow.  Now we even offer cake stands and custom created cake stands for our clients.  Just like we offer custom card boxes for the couples to keep.  All less than the typical white boxes you find at all the craft stores.

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