Friday, January 18, 2013

Beyond Price

 Here I am sitting with a new couple and they hand me a print out, and ask if I can match this other "planners" price.  I looked over the short list of services and then went right to the price, smiled and said no.  I calmly stated that I provide more services for my day of and I wouldn't ever dream of not doing what I do on wedding day cause my experience has taught me better.  The couple proceeds to tell me how they found her on craigslist but can't find anything else about her.  I smiled again and said it might be cause this isn't her full time job or even 2nd job, it just might be a passion.  Nothing wrong with  passion but when you have someone else's day in your hands, you need a little bit more than passion.

The fact is that there are plenty of planners in the state and many of them are great and I would rather have a couple a planner they match with.  This is a person who needs to understand the things that stress you out, the things that calm you down and on wedding, can spend the whole day with couple.  If you don't match, you just don't.

I spoke with Carissa over at CR Socials about day of packages.  She said

 " I know I offer more than "day of" in my "day of package". I actually start about a

month before the wedding, plus emails and phone calls and meetings before that too"

As experienced planners, you know that there is a lot more than just showing up on the big day.  There is preparing and fulling understand the vision of the day ahead of you.  It is knowing that we can answer on behalf of the couple and know that we aren't just guessing. 

On wedding day, I easily put in 10+ hours and during the week prior, I am handing phone calls from the couple, their moms usually and at least one bridesmaid.  I get questioned by a best man every other wedding and then I am answering vendor questions.  Plus I know that if something was to happen, like if I got sick or had a death in the family or anything totally unexpected, my crew is ready to get the job done. I've had assistants who could take the whole event over and run it smoothly if need be and I have gotten rid of the ones that couldn't handle it.  Why, cause as the owner of ESTOccasions, I want my couples to be always at ease, no matter who is running the show. Last year at one event, I didn't feel good.  I had wedding after wedding and was fighting something off and once the event was running I had to sit down. The best thing was ESTOccasions didn't miss a beat.  My couple was happy and pleased with everything even though I personally sat down to catch my breath.

This is a topic we are going to discuss more and more but please as you start the process of picking wedding vendors, base your choice on more than just price.

Pick a photographer who's style you love, who provides what you want and need in a package and then fits your budget. 

Pick a florist who is going to give you the flowers you want, in a style that is YOU.  You can't compare orchids to carnations, you just can't.

Pick your catering because they know how to staff the size of your event, understanding your inner foodie and one that is willing to work with your budget. 

Pick a DJ who gets your guests dancing or maybe not dancing.  They shouldn't just be playing music because a GREAT DJ does so much more.

Of course working with a planner, they can direct you towards vendors who meet your style, budget and are a pleasure to work with.  If they don't fit your budget, a planner can show you ways to make cut backs and hopfully add those funds into getting the vendor you want.

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