Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Wedding Wish

I like Boston, I really do but, what I like the best is that I can park outside of Boston and take the T in.  Not yesterday though, with over 50 lbs of candy, the jars, and candles there was no way I was going take the T.  I was forced to old school it since the easypass was in the other car but with my trusty GPS I headed out.  I think it only recalculated a total of 6 times but in my defense it was a confusing spot.  

ANYWAYS, I was there for the Wish Upon a Wedding Boston & New England Launch. This is something I've wanted to take part in for a long time.  As you may know, I have a set of vendors ready to grant a wish (& a few to spare), and I'm looking forward to making sure this is something that happens a lot here in CT and New England.  The issue was getting the word out to the right people when I started this and the Wish Upon a Wedding Organization is the right way to go about it.  

As a wish granter, we will be doing something we already do as wedding professionals.  We will be donating our skills for deserving couples to take a break for the illness and just enjoy life, and love.  I think it takes the right kind of wedding professional to do this, because it isn't about the money, or the time, or a pat on the back.  It is about a couple that deserves to have their moment with their family and friends.  This is a personal goal I'm going to be setting for myself and ESTOccasions, to AT LEAST do 2 Wish Upon a Wedding Weddings a year.  

Our cute and stylish blow pops
photographed by Jen Osojnicki.
To start off, myself along with David Long from DL Video Productions (who created last nights video, I will share as soon as I get the link) are hosting an event Engaged~Hartford at the Bushnell on August 11th.  It is open to anyone who is engaged and wants to have have a modern, trendy and chic approach to their wedding. There will be a few different speakers, food, drinks and more all for $5 a person.  The best part is that we are donating all ticket proceeds to the Wish Upon a Wedding Organization.  This way, start planning your dream wedding while helping someone else have their dream wedding.  

The ticket link will be up shortly and the best part, I'm using a paypal service which allows you to DONATE or GIFT your ticket price, which means no fees!  Hope to see you at Engaged~Hartford and if you need help on becoming a wish granter let me know. 

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