Monday, April 4, 2011

Wedding Tips in your Pocket

Our clients all know how to reach me, via phone, email, text and in person. We love offering them the comfort of having a wedding professional they can reach any time. I love taking a stressful moment and being able to give them an answer that relaxes them.  

Now for the time being we are offering a free wedding tip line!  That is right, a quick resource for you during your planning.  The WTIP (wedding tip)   Think, you are standing in the bridal shop, reading your contract and you have question. TEXT us!  Or maybe you have a bridal party issue, and need the best way to handle the issue, TEXT us! Don't know what to have your reader read during your ceremony?  TEXT us!  Simple, free and think of it as having a wedding planner in your pocket! Thank you to ESTOccasions & CT Bridal Event.


Remember normal text fees apply due to your own phone company service.  We add no fees, and we of course don't spam text. One free tip for each phone number. 

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