Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Planner Saves

I've said it before and I'm sure I will say it again but there tons of  benefits to using a planner. Planners offer you savings in many differently be it saving you money, time, mistakes, and more. I reached out to a few fellow Connecticut Planners to ask to name a few of their favorite SAVES.

I asked Carisa from CR Socials what was one of her favorite saves.  She had been able to negotiate a brides photography package from $4200 down to $2100, by making sure the package only included things that the bride needed.  She also has shown couples how a wedding date can change the price. As a planner, she can guide you to venues and packages that will work best for your wallet.   

Michelle Neff from Dreaming Tree Events finds her biggest savings come in the venue selection and flowers.  While most planners aren't florist, we have great understanding of expensive flowers, local flowers and what small changes can do to your floral budget. When it comes to centerpieces the cost depends mostly on the type of flowers.  Michelle likes to remind her clients to be open to different suggestions in the flowers and helps in alternative options.   When it comes to venues she says "I tend to think a lot of brides get nervous about non-ball room sort of locations because they are worried about what guests might think of it being different so they just go with what is familiar and fall into the "package deal."  Connecticut if filled with a selection of places to rent for very little and Michelle likes to find the right place for each couple.

I love when I can save here and then there and little bit more here, and all of the sudden the clients see a huge savings when you put it all together.  When working with a planner, no matter which one, we are filled with guidance, cost effective ideas and of course we offer peace of mind.  How much is your peace of mind worth??   

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