Monday, January 3, 2011


Finally, 2011… and I welcome it with open arms.  While 2010 was filled with joy, there were some difficult times too, which is why I can’t honestly be sad to see it go.

I had such a mix of events & weddings, my first Cassidy Hill Vineyard “PLANNED” wedding. (I was told by the owner that a couple rode up on their bikes with a JP, said a few quick vows, enjoyed a glass of wine and left. This was their real first wedding, and they prefer people book the place in advance.)  My first destination wedding was to Boca Raton, FL where I was able to take my family and it was nice to mix pleasure with business. I also reassured myself that I am a New England type of girl.  The hot Florida sun doesn’t mix well with me.   I even had the pleasure of enjoying a wedding where guests were encouraged to play bocce ball, and the family dog joined in for the first dance. Oh yes, they even had guests play a drawing game.  It has been such a great mix of different styles, colors, themes and events throughout the year. While I did continue to grow by adding estoPrints to our services, I also had the pleasure of having an intern for about 2 hours. Once she started to do some work, and she realized that party planning isn’t just socializing and attending parties all the time, she quit. I grew and shrank at the same time. J

We took part in 2 different charity events and while Firefly wasn’t all I had wished it could be, I’m still glad I put in all of my efforts. I’m thrilled to see how a community came together to give the camp a great event.  Now I wish they had invited more people but at least all who attended had a wonderful time.  We followed it with Comedians Conquering Cancer Event for the CT Children’s Medical Center. All the funds went to their oncology/hematology ward’s family assistance fund, and this helps parents purchase fuel and food, pay their bills, and helps out in everyday life.  Having a mother of a sick child hug me and thank me was a moment I will never forget.  Plus it was nice to see everyone come and just sit back and laugh.

I feel like for the most part, 2010 wasn’t that bad of a year.  So what if my husband is still unemployed. We could mope and linger in this. Instead, we look at the good from it. He is able to spend extra time with our boys, fixes up the home and overall has been a great support.

We did have our one weekend from hell. It was a crazy mix of stormy weather, my first car accident, a verbally abusive client, and a bit of failure on my end.  While I’m thankful my car wasn’t damaged a great deal on the outside (unlike the student Matt’s car), I did have broken items inside the car and when it happened, I just did the right thing.  We exchanged information, and waited for the cops.  I realized shortly after that I was hurt, even though I attempted to ignore it. Forward we went to the weddings, where we did our best to make sure everything was done, recover damaged items and move forward.  While we had a few shortcomings for sure, we owned them and continued on.  I’m thankful my crews remained calm and did their best to handle it all throughout the weekend. 

I followed it up with our 4th CT Bridal Event, Thanksgiving decorations for a few of my past clients, and an amazing sun-filled winter wedding (missing the snow) at the Lake of Isles.  Then came holiday parties, winter bashes, holiday decorations and then I suddenly found myself in the new year. 

I have seen the best and the worst in people this year, including in myself, and to be able to know how to do the right thing is a blessing. I am thankful for all of the talented vendors I have worked with. There is a core group of you that I enjoy seeing even outside of a wedding setting. J  I’m most thankful for my clients, who continue to allow us to assist them in creating their dreams. It is wonderful to remain friends with my couples after the fact and I am thrilled to announce that 2 of them are expecting their first children this year.  YIPPIE!!

I wanted to add that, I love what I do, and I know I am talented at what I do, but I am still human. I may forget my pen in the car, I may allow someone to talk down to me so they don’t talk down to my bride, but I remember what my clients want and I do my best to get it for them.  I listen to rants, vents, and cries along with the bursts of laughter and tears of joy. I don’t mislead, I attempt to keep everyone happy and I do not control the weather (at least not yet, but give me time). These are little things that come along with being a planner and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So needless to say,  I’m ready for 2011 and all of the exciting weddings, events, our first Spring Bridal Event, our 5th CT Bridal Event and more!  

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