Monday, February 15, 2010

Creative Custom Printed Embellishments

I have those moments when I wish I would have learned graphic design.  I see the idea in my mind, I can sort of sketch it or at least explain it but I can't create in in the programs I have. Over the years I've learned one design program to another,created menu cards, escort cards,   website and a great deal of promotional items for my company, the bridal event and others. I've always felt limited in one way or another.  I wanted to be able to offer another creative touch to ESTOccasions, so we welcome Courtney to our family.  estoPrints is our new department and Courtney is a talented graphic designer with a love of creating the perfect invitations.  She is also able to create so much more and having someone on our staff who can take care of these printed needed is just wonderful. 

We will have a price list up shortly, along with more online samples for you to preview.  Now remember you don't have to be an ESTOccasions planning client but we do offer you a special discount. 

Courtney can really create a custom look for you, a monogram (which we can turn into a gobo light for your wedding dance floor), or take an idea and expand on it for you.  We have budget friendly, vintage, modern, natural, and of course traditional selections for you.  Set up your free consultation!  

These were our special Holiday tags.  Very cute and had a bit of sparkle with them.

Needless to say we are just excited here and can't wait to start creating for you. 

estoPrints is open!!!

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